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dun mac is and of chute of another company ive

done a lot of recherche since i got riped of by Dillon

if anyone wood like to email me ill give you all the

info you need about them and maybe we can out he

him behind bars where he belongs.

my email is mike_sullivan@yahoo.com.

my storey is like the rest of yours and also hap pend in march of 2008. i applied for for a refinance on my house and dillon called me and said i was approved so i sent him all the normal paper work.

and the rest is historey.

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Dupped by Dunmac Financial

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I applied for a sba loan on a business womans website.i was contacted that i was approved they faxed me the contract.

they wanted me to send money for an insurance policy that would help if i became unemployed, injured, etc. i searched the internet to see if I found any complaints about dunmac financial. none found. i western unioned the money and guess what when they funds were to be deposited into my account i was called and informed they needed more money.

the ceo of the invester was in dubai and has changed proceedures. i told they i would not send anymore money. i wanted my refund processed and i would pay for fedex to get my refund sooner. it would take 7-10 days.

this was last thursday, today is tuesday and i have been called to say they will not receive the refund until next tuesday and i was not approved to us my fedex acct to expedite my refund so i will not receive it until next friday more like 14 days if i am lucky.

please be ware of this company.

dunmac financial 1-866-834-5343 they are in new york.

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Enumclaw, Washington, United States #11846

stacey, they are also under ADR MARKETING, I have not heard from the BBB yet. Maybe that gentleman can check under adr


Waunakee, Wisconsin, United States #11838

I also made a complaint with the BBB in NY and just got a call from a gentlem who owns the building at 527 Main Street (because the BBB has been sending stuff to Dunmac) and he says that he has never heard of them and Dunmac has never been in their building :(....

not looking GOOD!

Enumclaw, Washington, United States #10930

does anyone have a phone number for them.their answer svc says

"Thank you good bye"and disconnets.

this has been going on for over 1 month and i have been faxing and no one responds. i have commplained to BB in new york. please advise if anyone has a good phone number for them.

no ck yet!:( :(

Middlefield, Ohio, United States #7138

I have not received my refund yet, it has been 7 weeks and dillion has issued 2 checks and they have not arrived.Before doing business with them I did not see any negative on them.

Please be aware of them.no good theives

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #6660

I WOULT NOT do business with this company....i still dont have my mone back....Dillion claims that the re-issued me a new check on the 24th or 25th, but guess what...I STILL DONT HAVE IT.....hmmmm!!

Spring Lake, North Carolina, United States #6601

im in the process of doing business with dunmac financial.i would appreciate more detailed info on your issues with them. any help would be appreciated

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #6335

I also feel into this trap....western unioin the money and didnt get the loan....they said that my check went out on the 7th of March and still dont have anything I call Dillion again today and he claims that they are going to cancell the check that they sent me and re-issue a new one :(

did either of you get your money back yet?

Woodbourne, New York, United States #5820

I applied at dunmac financial also.I t took about six days from initial contact to the closing.

I was worried at first but I did recieve my loan of 80000 after i sent my insurance.Dunmac really helped me out!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #4863

I was wondering if you ever received your money back.I too had this same problem with this company.

I could not finda ny complaints about this company until today.Still waiting for my refund...

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